Spurt.is is about community

By bringing Icelanders together we can bridge the gap between the questions you have and the answers you need.

Asking a question is as simple as registering an account, clicking 'Ask a Question' and typing it in. Unlike most other Q&A sites though we offer something special - bounties!

Bounties let you put a price tag on your question. This will encourage others to think about their answer and give you the best they can. When you choose the winning answer, they receive the bounty you specified in the cryptocurrency Auroracoin.

What is this Auroracoin?

Auroracoin is digital currency, just like bitcoin. Think of it as cash for the internet. You can buy and sell it on exchanges like isx.is or skiptum.is.

To learn more about Auroracoin and get your free coins visit auroracoin.is. A good introduction to Auroracoin can also be found at Whatisauroracoin.com.

If you are a supporter of the Auroracoin movement and would like to get involved, join us on the forum at auroraspjall.is.

Using Auroracoins on Spurt.is

Once you've logged in, click your username in the upper-right corner. Then choose Deposit/Withdrawl. You will see an Auroracoin address that is unique to you. Send coins from your wallet to that address to begin spending them on Spurt.is.

We recommend you don't store too many coins on Spurt.is at any one time. As you earn coins, you'll want to withdraw them periodically to the wallet on your computer or smartphone.

Now enjoy spending and earning on Spurt.is!